Monday, May 19, 2014

A Kind Of Alchemy

Manipulating an arrangement of inner particles to transform a dull, base substance into something pure, noble, becomes the very elixir of life so many artists find perpetually sustaining. By this practice we pry apart our dimming internal constellations and re-order them in a sequence whose altered gravity rejuvenates us as we never anticipated.

Yesterday's dark, looming moons can be whisked away by the orbital pull of today's creation, becoming tomorrow's underlying clusters that new rising discoveries leave behind. What was familiar, chart-able, is broken down and scattered to every empty corner, birthing unpredictable organic links.

Recurring obstruction and unbalanced negativity are magnetically repelled around a core of invention, by centrifugal fields of fresh thinking, while habitual fixation becomes unstable and bonds with flowering arrays of patient focus.

Anything shed is not lost, but re-purposed, feeding the crystalline spread it once hindered across the space between a thousand nothings, revealing the unfurling canvas of an intricate, unified, something.

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