Thursday, June 5, 2014

Looking For Beta Readers!

It's been fun tinkering around the ever-busy blogosphere, building some great contacts while making my work and style more visible, and what I need most right now are beta readers to help me prepare my epic fantasy novel, A Facet For The Gem, for the public eye.

I "finished" it over a year ago, a year I spent editing, polishing, and re-polishing it into the ballpark of 127,000 words (if the length is daunting, I'd be happy with giving you just the first half and seeing if I've still got your interest afterwards).

I'm confident spelling, grammar, and syntax are sound, and most interested in feedback along the lines of:

Are plot flow and the writing itself smooth, gripping and coherent?

Are the characters well-built, and is their development convincing/compelling?

Are the different settings well-constructed, or lacking something?

Anything that feels out of place, or tedious.

And especially anything you think might improve a particular scene, dialogue, description, whatever input you want to give.

Of course I'm willing to reciprocate, too, if you've got something you want to throw my way. My earlier posts should give you an idea of the experience I've had writing over the years, and if you're wondering whether our work could be a good match, I also showcase some choice excerpts and illustrations in the four page tabs above, intended to give a taste of my novel's core substance.

Thanks a lot to any takers. Basically, I want people to tell me if I write good, if my book is inter-resting, and to give me sujestions on how I mite make it more better.

And if you're reading this now with a smile instead of slapping your forehead, there's a good chance you get me on a number of levels, and might really enjoy reading more.

...just let me reiterate in a friendly postscript in case that went over anyone's head--those spelling/grammar errors were a joke.


  1. Drop me a line. Let's see if we can work something out :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'd be glad to e-mail it to you.

  3. Could you post a blurb? I'd like to know a bit about the story before I volunteer.

    1. Thanks for the interest--did you check the four page tabs underneath the blog title? I use those to showcase key illustrations, excerpts and a "jacket summary." If you'd like more info I'd be glad to share it :)


  4. Having read some of your fight scenes, there may be something to cutting your book down closer to the 100,00 mark. You may want to consider a manuscript editor before you move on to the Beta readers.

    Just my 2c